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We make applying for a LoanMe Small Business loan easy. Our application process is online, paperless, and is available 24/7.

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Eligibility Requirements:

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For-profit Businesses

25% ownership of the for-profit business, 90+ days with income

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Business Banking

Must have business bank account in the name of the business

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Credit Report

Must give Authorization to Obtain Credit Report

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Age Requirements

Must be 18+ years of age

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Required Documents

Drivers License, Valid ID or US Passport, Voided Check†

* Required for Online Application † All other documents may be requested by a loan agent after the online application is completed for loan approval & verification.

What you get with LoanMe

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24/7 + Instant Online Decision

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Fast Funding

Funds are wired in as fast as a day!

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1 Monthly payment

Plus, only pay interest for the days that you borrow.

Loan Overview & Costs

We provide you with low monthly payments by providing long term loans with fixed monthly payments. See everything up front, NO hidden fees. Best of all, you can prepay at any time without a penalty. We are here to help for-profit businesses that don’t qualify for traditional loans, that have urgent short-term cash needs, or are trying to rebuild credit by responsibly paying of loans.


Loan Size $3,500 – $250,000
Minimum Loan Amount Varies by State
Term 2 years to 10 years
Origination Fee 5% to 10% with minimum of $500
(lower fees for 2nd loan)
Rate 14.9% to 159%
Payment Monthly
Prepayment You can prepay your loan
at any time with no penalty
Collateral No collateral required*
Purpose Can be used for nearly
any business purpose
Taxes Financing fees and interest
may be tax deductible

*UCC filed on LoanMe Prime Business Loans only.

How to Use Your LoanMe Small Business Loan Responsibly




Loan Size $15,000
Origination Fee 10% of $15,000 = $1,500
Total Funds Wired $13,500
Interest Rate 54%
Terms of the Loan 120 Months
Minimum Monthly Payments $678.45


Example Payoff Scenarios

Scenario A


Time to Payoff 10 Days
Total Payments $15,225.00
Total Financing Costs
(Including Fee) 
Total Financing Costs
(as % of Funds Wired)


Scenario B


Time to Payoff 6 Months
Total Payments $17,449.05
Total Financing Costs
(Incl. Fee) 
Total Financing Costs
(as % of Funds Wired)



Scenario C


Time to Payoff 120 months*
Total Payments $81,413.75
Total Financing Costs
(Incl. Fee) 
Total Financing Costs
(as % of Funds Wired)


*Pay Minimum Monthly Payments for Full Term of Loan. **We suggest you pay off early, even though you can keep the loan for 120 months.


How To Apply for a Loan

You can apply for LoanMe’s Small Business Loans via our website or by contacting a LoanMe loan representative by phone.

Our paperless online application process is available 24/7.

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Apply online 24/7 or by phone at (844) 218-3872, to get an instant decision.

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Review your offer.

Review the amount of money you qualify for and the costs. Need help understanding and comparing costs? Call us at (844) 218-3872.

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Send documents.

Submit a voided check, bank statements, and a valid Drivers License, ID or US Passport.

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Approve offer, get funds.

Once you review the loan agreement and accept the terms, funds are wired out the same day.*

*Wires are sent out by 5:30pm EST Monday-Friday. The funds should appear in your account shortly thereafter, however this is subject to your bank’s policy and procedures with receiving incoming wires.

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